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Always striving for the best customer service possible, MasriCo. has updated its systems to render its money transfer services much simpler, easier, quicker, safer, and much more convinient.
MasriCo is proud to announce that all its transfers has become instant electronic transfers. Providing the quickest service possible with a much wider reach.
Its cutting edge technology and well-trained staff has boosted its effeciency which allowed anyone to conduct a transfer in less than 2 minutes.

Quite easy!

All you need is your I.D. and the transaction number.

In case the tranferred amount is equal or higher than $10,000 (or its equivalent), papers that prove the purpose of the transfer will be needed.

PS: It is a must that the beneficiary collects the money him/herself unless they have an official paper that allows someone else to collect it for them.

Quite simple!

What you need to bring:

1) Your I.D.

2) In case the amount being transferred is equal or more than USD 10,000 (or its equivalent), documents that prove the purpose of the transaction will be required as well. (Vouchers, company registration, etc...)

Needed Information to complete the transaction:

1) Your Phone Number and Your Address.

2) The beneficiary's full name, address, phone number, and their ID number (applied only for certain countries).

The transfer is expected to take 2-3 minutes on average for first timers, and less than a minute for recurrent customers.

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US stocks struggle during early trade; Italy/trade worries remain in focus

01 October 2018
US stocks struggle during early trade; Italy/trade worries remain in focus

Major US equity indices witnessed a subdued opening on Tuesday and were being weighed down by concerns surrounding Italy's budget plans.

EUR/USD recovery stalled around 1.1540, Powell on sight

01 October 2018
EUR/USD recovery stalled around 1.1540, Powell on sight

The continuation of the sell off around the European currency dragged EUR/USD to test the vicinity of the critical support in the 1.1500 neighbourhood,

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