“Walid El-Masri for Exchange” also known as “Masrico” is a 40 years old, family owned, limited partnership company.

“Masrico” is the leading money exchange and money transfer company in North Lebanon. It covers all of Lebanon, the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, USA, and Canada.

We are proud to announce that we are one of the few companies that has been approved for the new Lebanese Exchange Licenses for our company abides 100% with international anti-money laundering regulations, compliance, and transparent reporting.

Customer service and compliance matters are our top priorities. Therefore, we are also proud to announce that we are the only ones in the area who have established a compliance department to monitor all incoming and outgoing transactions. Also we have setup a new remittance system that is directly linked to OFAC, eu_sanc, boe, in addition to the American and British anti money laundry institutions.

"Your Gate to The World"


Company group (A): Changing money, circulation of foreign currencies in exchange for other foreign currencies and Lebanese currencies, coins or slip, selling and buying ingot, coins, bills of exchange, checks, touristic checks, and money transfer.


Walid El-Masri & Partners for Exchange or Masrico has a simple vision.

It’s to help turning the world into a closer, happier, and more loving world.

Our aim is to unite families with their loved ones, enable young people to support their parents without minding ridiculous fees, and to link businesses to their correspondents and customers by offering instant, safe, and simple remittance services.


Dedicated to Excellency, Walid El-Masri Co. links families to their loved ones and businesses to their customers.

Masrico abridges distances and goes beyond borders to ensure a smooth, monitored, and guaranteed transfer of funds.

Walid El-Masri Co. engages in instant remittance services around the world while offering the best commissions and much competitive rates.

As we tell our customers: “Support your family from wherever you are, we deliver the money to wherever they are. “

Our Company is a family owned business, therefore we stress on having that same atmosphere/culture reign between our staff and our customers. So far, loyalty is in continuous increase and our family has been growing larger and larger.

From another perspective, this atmosphere/culture has played a major role in solidifying and making our relations with our agents much coherent and long lasting. Especially, that we seek a partnership relationships with our agents where we aim to grow together and protect each other.

Finally, Compliance matters. As mentioned before, being inline with authorities and international regulations is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we take compliance measures such as filling in CTS, KYC, and acquiring the right documents very seriously. Furthermore, we have just setup a new remittance system that will force all agents/staff to fill in all required data in order to proceed with any transfer in order to diminish possibilities of human error.


Co. Name:                  Walid El-Masri & Partners for Exchange (Also known as “Masrico”)

Co. Type:                   Limited Partnership (Family owned)

Co. Size:                     Masrico is an SME that has 24 employees dedicated to Excellency

Key Executives:        1- Walid El-Masri, President and Chairman/Founder

                                    2- Majd El-Masri, Vice-President, Managing Director

Silent Partners:         1- Lina Ghazi Akkari

                                    2- Sami El-Masri

Founded:                   1975.
                                    40 years of excellence and customer service

History:                     1- Founded as a simple kiosk on the sidewalk

                                   2- Then prospered to become an actual store

                                   3- A decade later, Masrico opened its 2nd branch

                                   4- Currently opening a 3rd branch in Dawra-Beirut



There are no official statistics in Lebanon. However, according to customer reviews, Masrico is ranked “1st” in         northern Lebanon for several reasons of which we mention: Courtesy, excellent customer service, best market rates,   confidence and loyalty, reliability, and mostly integrity

Yearly Insepction:

1- Our compliance officer performs weekly inspection on all    incoming and outgoing transfers and on all money     exchange transaction to make sure we are 100% in line with international and legal regulations

2- Internal auditors also perform weekly inspection on all customers/agents’ accounts

3- External auditors perform quarterly inspections and report to the Lebanese Central Bank

4- The Central Bank and its different bodies perform one to two inspections per year to guarantee the safety and         


Branch 1: Tripoli - Tell

Add.: Facing Tell Monumental Clock
Working Hours:  7:00 - 18:00
Tel/Fax: +9616444417

Branch 2: Tripoli - Tell

Add.: Near Old Saray, next to ABC
Working Hours:  8:30 - 15:00
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